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Overlook Tree Preservation provides a variety of services in the Portland area to help with all of your tree care needs. Give us a call and we will work with you to help you achieve the outside space you desire.


Pruning requires careful branch removal. We take out dead branches, try to open the canopy to increase light and air flow - fungus loves shade and damp - and improve the tree's structure. Our team thoughtfully trims branches that are too close to your house or building, service wires, or are hanging below legal clearance over public spaces. We work with our clients to achieve the aesthetic they wany or merely help them to get their views back. All of this is done in a way that is as healthy as possible for the tree.

Our pruning process is:

1. Assessment

Our team works with you to discuss what you are trying to achieve and what does the tree need to be healthy and stable. We will do a visual assessment to understand the health of the tree and ensure there are no safety hazards or rot before we start pruning.

2. Pruning

We will cut branches to remove dead weight, rot, and hazards. Our team aims to increase airflow and open the tree for sunlight. Most often we will be pruning from both the ground up and from the canopy down.

3. Clean up

When pruning is complete we chip and clean the fallen debris, leaving the mulch for your garden and flowerbeds. Fresh mulch replaces many nutrients and helps retain water. However, if a tree is diseased we can't leave the mulch because pathogens will reenter the trees through the soil causing more disease.

Our team of experts are able to advise on recurring pruning plans and happy to schedule follow-up appointments. We will never leave a mess in your yard.


Sometimes you're left with no choice but to have a tree removed. We believe that once a tree is removed it should look like the tree was never there and neither were we. Our team can grind out stumps and do crane removals for dead or hazardous trees.

Hedge Trimming

Our team can provide hedge trimming services. The ideal time for this is in April, before the growing season, and in August, at the end of the growing season.

Tree Mulching

Tree mulching is great for trees and based on tree type we can tell you which mulch will be the most beneficial. The goal with tree mulching is to reduce soil compaction, retain moisture and eventually provide a new food source for the tree. Only mulch the outer area of the planting site otherwise roots may start growing laterally, trying to come up for air.

Consultation and Retention Plans

When providing a tree consultation, we carefully evaluate the health of the tree, identify any problems and suggest mitigation tactics or which trees should stay and which should go. We will help you to preserve what is possible, remove the diseased and hazardous trees, and call out replacement trees that are site-specific.

We also provide written reports for construction trauma, developers, tort cases, and more.

Salvage Lumber

At Overlook Tree Preservation we like to recycle the wood from your removals as much as possible.

Not all trees removed can be salvaged, but we do our best to mill it professionally where possible.