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Picking a tree care provider is a daunting task, especially with the endless choice in the Portland Oregon area. Experience and arboricultural certifications with a list of great client testimonials is important. But, finding a tree adovate who has spent 25+ years caring for different varieties and species specifically in the Pacific Northwest makes Overlook Tree Preservation an easy decision.

Overlook Tree Preservation was founded in 2003 by Kevin MacKenzie, a certified arborist and life-long lover of trees. Before starting his business, Kevin was a partner in Mt. View Tree Service (the most reputable tree service company on Vancouver Island) and spent a number of years at different tree service companies in the Portland area. He started Overlook Tree Preservation with the belief in offering a more caring approach to trees and building exceptional client relationships.

As a small local tree service company we believe in sustainable tree care and green practices. This means all our climbing is done without spurs (after all, what good is caring for the tree if you hurt it on the way up) and we work with our clients to help them select the best options for their space. We try to keep trees healthy and a positive addition to gardens, but when we do have to perform tree removals we can mill trees into usable boards and leave the fresh nutrient-rich mulch from chipping the debris for your garden.

It is important to Kevin and his team that the trees are looking their best and thriving, but also important that our customers achieve the results they want - whether that means getting their view back or minimal changes and a yard that looks untouched. Making our clients happy is ultimately the goal for Overlook Tree Preservation.